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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find the temple in the desert in Minecraft?

Once you're in a desert, you'll want to start looking for a large, blocky pyramid-shaped structure made from sandstone in the distance. There will be two large, square towers at the front of the temple with markings on them made from orange clay.

How do I find the location of a temple?

Use the Desert Temple Finder online app from to get the coordinates for all desert temples in a given map. Simply input your world seed (or select "random" to get a random one), click "Find Desert Temples", and zoom in and out on the map to see where the temples in your map are located. [6]

Is it better to play multiplayer or single player to find temples?

However, in multiplayer games, there's always the risk that a temple you find may have been looted or vandalized by others before you get there, so if you want to find a desert temple that's guaranteed to be "pristine," play a single-player world.

Where can I find the secret treasure in the temple?

Inside, you should find a darkened chamber with a diamond-shaped design of orange clay and a single blue clay block in the very center. This design marks the location of the temple's secret treasure.

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