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Frequently Asked Questions

What does temporal means?

The temporal mean is the arithmetic mean of a series of values over a time period. Assuming equidistant measuring or sampling times, it can be computed as the sum of the values over a period divided by the number of values.

What does temporal mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of Temporal. Temporal: 1. Pertaining to time, limited in time, temporary, or transient. 2. Pertaining to the temple region of the head. The temporal lobe of the brain is located beneath the temple. From the Latin tempus which means both time and the temple of the head.

What does temporal mean in biology?

Definition of temporal. : a bodily part (such as a bone or muscle) that is near the temples or the sides of the skull behind the orbits : a temporal part.

What is the adjective for temporal?

The definition of temporal is relating to the temples of the skull, limited by time or relating to this present life or world. An example of temporal used as an adjective is a temporal lobe in the brain. An example of temporal used as an adjective is temporal logic, the rules about reasoning in terms of time.

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