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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ABA approach?

ABA uses a systematic approach to find out & organise facts about our natural world. Temporal Locus: The word temporal refers to time and locus (its location). so Temporal Locus is where a single response occurs in time. It occurs at a certain point in time relating to a preceding environmental event.

What are the 9 measures based on temporal locus?

9 Measures Based On Temporal Locus Response Latency (aka latency) Interresponse Time 10 2 derivative measures Percentage Trial to Criterion 11 When do you use rate?

Should ABA practitioners be skeptical?

We should all be skeptics in our practice and pragmatic in our approach. Our goal is to improve the lives of organisms through ABA. Private and public events can be a little tricky to define. Remember, public events are those that can be observed and measured. This includes a bladder filling up!

Is ABA a natural science?

- Simply Behaviour - Applied Behaviour Analysis Unit 2 – Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Is a Natural Science. The fundamental aspects of behaviour analysis follow the same principles as any natural science. Natural sciences include physics, chemistry and behaviour analysis. Psychology does not fall into this realm.

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