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Frequently Asked Questions

What are temporal scales?

Nomenclature of scales (top view of head) In reptiles, the temporal scales are located on the side of the head between the parietal scales and the supralabial scales, and behind the postocular scales. There are two types of temporal scales: Anterior temporals are in contact with the postocular scales.

What is scale ecology?

In spatial ecology, scale refers to the spatial extent of ecological processes and the spatial interpretation of the data. The response of an organism or a species to the environment is particular to a specific scale, and may respond differently at a larger or smaller scale.

What are spatial and temporal scales?

In this article the spatial and temporal scales are defined for estuaries by looking at the interactions between several factors that lead to variations in the stability and morphology of fine intertidal sediment shores. The coupling of mudflats to salt marshes is also discussed.

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