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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the spatial and temporal scales?

Let's go over what we have discussed so far. When you are studying Earth's climate, the first decision you need to make is what will be your spatial and temporal scales. The spatial scale refers to the geographic region of climate change.

What is the geological time-scale?

The Geological Time-scale The ideas of superposition and evolution provide the basis of the geological time-scale, which was developed in a somewhat random fashion (mostly in Europe) during the 19th century. It is a worldwide scale developed by correlation of fossils from all around the world. It is based the fossil record discussed above.

How closely tied to the temporal scale are regional extinctions?

SPATIAL AND TEMPORAL SCALES 311 Regional extinctions were closely tied to temporal scale. All of the simulations with Z,= 1 and L=1 and 15% of the runs with L= 13 were regionally extinct before the 50-step time limit. There were no regional extinctions for runs with L = 19 or L =25.

Who proposed the geologic time scale used today?

No one person or expert committee proposed the geologic time scale used today. It grew by trial and error through the efforts of numerous geologists working independently. Today the recognition of formal subdivisions of geologic time is determined by international committees.

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