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Frequently Asked Questions

What is literature in time?

The narration of that story imposes a separate order of time (chronological, discontinuous, in medias res ). The reading of that narrative may take its own sweet time. Then there is the fact that literature itself exists in time. Transmitted across generations, literary texts cannot help but remind us of how times have changed.

What is temporality According to Benjamin?

Against the rationalized continuum of modern time, Benjamin reintroduces a theological conception of temporality: an idea of now-time that fills every present moment with messianic, transformative potential. Since Benjamin, the dominance of modern time has been challenged from a range of disciplinary perspectives.

How does time shape literature?

Time, in short, shapes literature several times over: from reading experience to narrative form to cultural context. In this way, literature can be read as a peculiarly sensitive timepiece of its own, both reflecting and responding to the complex and varied history of shared time.

What is temporalities in finance?

These temporalities abolish the very idea of the future. As the speed of financial trading comes to be measured in nanoseconds, cycles of boom and bust are transformed into daily, even hourly, events.

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