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What is temporal isolation in biology?

Temporal isolation, in biology, a type of reproductive isolation mechanism among sexual organisms in which the differences in the timing of critical reproductive events prevent members of closely related species, which could otherwise breed with one another, from mating and producing hybrid offspring. Cicadas (Magicicada septendecim)

What is the best example of a temporally isolated species?

As for species that are temporally isolated by the timing of the day when they are sexually active, the best example will be that of the two fruit fly species, Drosophila persimilis and Drosophila pseudoobscura. While the D. persimilis species is generally active in the early morning, D. pseuoobscura is active in the afternoon.

What can we learn from temporal and spatial scaling?

Temporal and Spatial Scaling: An Ecological Perspective Over the past several years scientists have engaged in a wide array of investigations aimed at understanding the ecological consequences of climatic changes occurring over different temporal and spatial scales.

How does temporal isolation prevent interbreeding of Gray and brown squirrel?

Temporal isolation prevents interbreeding of gray and brown squirrel since each species breeds at different times. A reproductive barrier biological features of organisms that prevent species from interbreeding or producing a hybrid. Temporal isolation is a prezygotic barrier.

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