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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we really need speed bumps on the road?

Speed bumps are great! Said no one, ever. Speed bumps are designed to slow drivers down and protect pedestrians from aggressive drivers. They're made to slow vehicles on the road, neighborhoods, and parking lots and most often used in areas with speed limits of 35 MPH or less.

How do speed bumps improve road safety?

Benefits of Speed Bumps Slows Vehicles Down. As mentioned, slowing people down can reduce the risk of accidents by hindering speeding vehicles before crossings, sharp turns, and entrances and exits. Keep Pedestrians Safe. People who cross the street are the ones vulnerable to traffic and speeding. ... Regulate Traffic. ...

Are speed bumps bad for my car?

Speed bumps were created to reduce speeding but one simple fact remains - speeding does not kill people. Only bad driving does. People have been killed by cars going 5mph. So Eric, you are right about the speed bumps in your neighborhood - they are useless.

What are speed bumps used for?

Speed Humps are ideal for high traffic areas such as residential roadways, school parking lots, near stop signs and cross walks, playgrounds and hospitals. Speed Bumps slow vehicles down to 2-5 mph. They abruptly slow traffic and deliver a strong message to offending drivers.

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