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Frequently Asked Questions

What are speed bumps and speed humps?

High visibility road speed bumps or humps and signs are the best way to communicate to drivers to keep their speed to a minimum. Each of the five types of speed bumps and speed humps that The Traffic Safety Store stocks are light enough to be transported and installed by one person with no heavy machinery to rent! QUESTIONS ABOUT SPEED BUMPS?

How to install the removable speed bumps?

Features of Removable Speed Bumps Installation is easy: remove speed bump from included canvas carrying case and roll it out in the desired location. Underside constructed of rubber grip pads to keep the speed bump in place on any paved surface.

How do rubber speed bumps work?

Rubber Speed Bumps Help Control Traffic and Reduce Speeds on Roads and Parking Lots for Schools, Offices, Parks and more. Rubber Speed Bumps effectively slow traffic without tire or vehicle d... This Speed Bump Features A Versatile Design That Handles The Heaviest Vehicle Loads While Acting As A Dual Channel Cable Protector.

What are the best speed bumps for parking lots?

Keep that parking lot safe. Reduce speeds to 5-10 mph. Recommended for parking lots, business entrances and warehouse dock areas. Can be removed for snow removal. Plastic Speed Bumps – Semi-flexible and lightweight. Safety yellow. Rubber Speed Bumps – Flexible and shock absorbing. Highly reflective for night visibility.

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