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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of speed humps?

Speed humps are not an official traffic control device and are not addressed in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) but are instead a geometric pavement design feature. Their main purpose is to slow vehicles to speeds under 30 mph. They are self-enforcing and often called "sleeping police officers".

Are speed bumps hurting the environment?

Speed bumps are also very bad for the environment. A study found that in one north London street with a speed limit of 20mph and fitted with road humps, a petrol driven car produced 64 per cent more nitrogen dioxide (NO2) than in a similar 20mph street fitted with road cushions.

Can residential speed humps?

Everyone deserves safe streets, but if cars are speeding on your residential street, you can apply for a speed hump to be installed. Before applying, please be aware that completing a speed hump request involves multiple steps of engagement and technical review.

What are mobile speed bumps?

The Mobile Speed Bump is a pause-to-go; a traveling interruption; a rest in the fast-paced rhythm of our everyday lives. In the midst of the widespread digitalization of our physical world, bumps provide moments of material respite.

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