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Frequently Asked Questions

How far should a reduce speed sign be from the road?

Placement of Reduce Speed signs. A Reduce Speed sign is set up approximately 100 meters before the driver reaches a speed calming area to warn motorists of upcoming speed limit reductions. Road signs, including the Reduce Speed sign, should be positioned at a maximum practical clearance from the road.

What is the size of a speed limit sign?

Existing Speed Limit Sign Size Minimum Temporary Speed Limit Sign Size 24 inches x 30 inches 36 inches x 48 inches 30 inches x 36 inches 36 inches x 48 inches 36 inches x 48 inches 48 inches x 60 inches 48 inches x 60 inches 48 inches x 60 inches 

What does 645 mean on a speed limit sign?

of speed restriction. The Regulations require signs to diagram 7001 with an "End" plate to diagram 645 to indicate the end of a temporary mandatory speed limit although a combined end of works and the permanent speed limit sign may be used, see Section 4.14.

When to introduce temporary speed limits on dual carriageway roads?

D3.7.17 In general, a temporary speed limit should not be introduced where the length of restriction would be less than 800 m on dual carriageway roads and 400 m on single carriageway roads, measured between the initial speed limit sign and the sign indicating the end of all restrictions.

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