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Frequently Asked Questions

Is terracotta and clay the same thing?

Pottery and ceramics are the same thing. Terracotta is a type of clay and the pottery or ceramics (same thing) fired from it. It means "baked earth" in Italian. At first it referred to a low fire red (iron rich) groggy clay, and the porous reddish fired products made from it in Italy.

Is terracotta considered ceramic?

Terracotta is a type of ceramic pottery. It's used to make many flower pots. Terracotta is also often used for pipes, bricks, and sculptures. Terracotta pottery is made by baking terracotta clay.

What colors work with terra cotta?

Green and terra-cotta make a soothing combination, but off-greens give you the most interesting color choices. Olive, yellow-green, acid green -- any green with yellow in it -- picks up the yellow in orange and coexists congenially in close proximity.

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