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Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the bosses in terraria?

Moon Lord. The Moon Lord is the final boss of Terraria as of version, and drops a majority of the endgame items, such as the Meowmere. It also drops the end-game ore, Luminite, used to craft many endgame armor sets and tools. He is summoned by defeating all four of the Celestial Towers from the Lunar Events,...

Who is the final boss in terraria?

Ocram is one of two final Hardmode bosses of Terraria in the Old-gen console version, Mobile version, and 3DS version, the other being Duke Fishron. He is summoned with the Suspicious Looking Skull at night in a Hardmode world. Ocram is the only Boss that will drop Souls of Blight. While Ocram is alive, music Boss 4 will play.

What is the strongest mini boss in terraria?

The Pirate Captain are a Hard Mode miniboss that spawn as part of the Pirate Invasion. Out of all the pirates, they are the strongest and have the most defense. They are also quite resistant to knockback. They can be very deadly due to their cannon, which is able to inflict large amounts of damage to a player.

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