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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Terraria music copyrighted?

Relogic has never taken legal action that I'm aware of towards a genuine Terraria Youtuber/streamer for copyright infringement of their music.

How do you update Terraria?

Go to the "Updates" tab and make sure that "Always keep this game up to date" is selected, then close the window. Now exit Steam and start it up again. Terraria should automatically update, and you may see it in your downloads as it does so. This is assuming that your copy is legal of course.

Is Terraria an online game?

Terraria Online. The game Terraria online is created in the popular Minecraft style which means that all mineral resources can be mined and further used for building and adjusting of new spaces. Besides that, the game challenges you to rescuing all trapped persons marked at the map.

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