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Frequently Asked Questions

Who invented Terravision?

German inventors Carsten Schlüter and Juri Müller were contacted by Anderson about their work and the computer program they had created, Terravision. Schlüter and Müller used Onyx, which was designed by Silicon Graphics, to develop Terravision.

What happened to Google Terravision?

With no-one willing to invest in their idea, Terravision was never released to the general public. Meanwhile, the inventors heard Anderson and Google had united to launch Google Earth. In 2005, Anderson developed a demo program that seemed to replicate Terravision. Müller accused Anderson of stealing his work and Terravision’s coding.

Did Terravision inspire Anderson’s software?

When taken to court by the German inventors, Anderson denied knowing Müller and Schlüter and denied saying Terravision had inspired his software. The judge agreed with Anderson and rejected all claims made by Müller and Schlüter. It seemed as though it was all over for the pair…

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