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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a free call?

To make a free call through Ievaphone, choose the country from list and enter the number. To initiate the call press the call button. Now you will be presented by a short promotional video wait for few second to let it finish. You will be automatically connected to the number you have dialled.

Can I Change my Textfree number?

First, go to your Textfree settings and tap Account info. Tap the three dots next to your Textfree number. On the next screen you will see an option for Change Textfree Number. Once you tap Ok, you will be able to enter your preferred area code and choose a new number.

What is the best free online calling app?

GrooVeIP is a good app for free calls. It'll give you an actual US phone number that you can actually give to people. The service itself supports both calls and texts. The free part is a little iffy, though.

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