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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I put the TextFX DLL file?

For TextFX.dll, it should go as C:Program Files[&Notepad&]++[&plugins&][&TextFX&][&TextFX&].dll. If there are configuration files, they will either go in the config directory you noted above, or (more likely) in %appdata%[&Notepad&]++[&plugins&]config, sometimes in subdirectories of those named after the plugin, sometimes not.

Is there a 64 bit version of TextFX?

That code can be made to build on modern Visual Studio and it supports Unicode, but 64-bit build is impossible. TextFX is distributed with Notepad++ but is not a part of Notepad++. Please do not post TextFX bugs in the Notepad++ bug tracker unless you believe the cause is Notepad++ and not TextFX.

What happened to texttextfx?

TextFX is a Notepad++ plugin which performs a variety of common conversions on selected text. Currently, some plugins are taking over some areas where TextFX is being used: When the list grows long enough, it will become practical to bid farewell to an aging workhorse that has served the community well.

How to install TextFX plugin in Notepad++?

But rather than doing it manually, with Notepad++ v7.6.3 32-bit or newer, you should just use Plugins > Plugins Admin dialog to install the TextFX plugin, and everything will go where it needs to. If you have 32-bit Notepad++ on 64-bit OS, change any mention above of C:\Program Files\ to C:\Program Files (x86)

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