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Frequently Asked Questions

How to add TextFX characters to Notepad++?

I suggest doing this while Notepad++ itself is not running. Show activity on this post. Plugins -> Plugin Manager -> Show Plugin Manager -> Available tab -> TextFX Characters -> Install.

How do I install TextFX?

Trying to install TextFX through the plugin manager (Plugins | PLugin Manager | Find available... select TextFX, press Install) A dialog appears showing download progress from a url starting with: ""

What is notepad + + + plugin?

Plugin for text editor Notepad + + (both. UNICODE & ANSI). This plugin allows you to control and word processing using a scripting language PHP (as Visual Basic for Excel). No need to install PHP and Apache.

How to add npptextfx DLL to Notepad++?

You can download the DLL from here, drop it under Notepad++/plugins/NppTextFX directory and restart Notepad++. You will need to create the NppTextFX directory first though. As per this GitHub issue, there might be some bugs lurking around.

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