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Frequently Asked Questions

Does TextFX work on Notepad++ 64-bit?

The TextFX plugin is 3rd party and was abandoned by its developer many, many years ago. Unless that fact changes or it’s forked by someone else later on, one may have to accept that it may never work on notepad++ 64-bit and it could potentially stop working in future versions of notepad++ 32-bit.

Is there a 64-bit version of TextFX?

If you have 64-bit Notepad++ on 64-bit OS, the official TextFX isn’t available; there are some 64-bit forks of TextFX (search the forums some), but they are not official releases, and I seem to remember they don’t fully work.

What happened to texttextfx?

TextFX is a Notepad++ plugin which performs a variety of common conversions on selected text. Currently, some plugins are taking over some areas where TextFX is being used: When the list grows long enough, it will become practical to bid farewell to an aging workhorse that has served the community well.

Does npptextfx 64-bit support sort?

But in NPP v7.6.3-64bit with the experimental NppTextFX 64-bit v0.25, it did not sort; neither did 7.6.6-64bit with 64-bit v0.25 TextFX. Perhaps it is time to move past TextFX. If the N++ in-built sort is not adequate, maybe try this Pythonscript one: I believe that originated from a discussion here:

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