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Frequently Asked Questions

Does TextNow work without WiFi?

Can you use TextNow without WIFI? Yes! Your phone will work without WiFi. When there is no WiFi available, our phones will use Sprint’s nationwide data and voice network.

Does TextNow show up on your phone bill?

Yes. Calls made from TextNow that use Voice Fallback will appear on your phone bill as minutes used. They will appear as calls placed from a different number than either your TextNow number or your regular carrier number. What does my contact see on a call using the Voice Fallback feature?

Is TextNow legit?

TextNow is definitely no scam. In fact, it’s (so far) the best free texting platform I have yet to find online. If comes with your own number, which is great, since other sites make multiple people use the same number.

Is TextNow free?

TextNow is a free calling and messaging service, available on a variety of platforms including Android and iOS, and available through your browser right here on

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