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Frequently Asked Questions

What is local catch bar and Grill?

Local Catch Bar and Grill offers a casual dining experience that’s big on flavor in a fun-loving atmosphere. A local joint since day one, Local Catch, is located on Scenic 30A in Blue Mountain Beach. Co-owners Adam Yellin and Jimmy Hasser have turned the restaurant into a SoWal mainstay.

What is the local catch network?

The Local Catch Network (LCN) is a community-of-practice made up of seafood harvesters, technical assistance providers, organizers, and researchers from across North America who are committed to strengthening local and regional seafood systems through community supported fisheries and direct seafood marketing.

Is local catch open in Santa Rosa Beach?

Local Catch Bar and Grill is open daily for lunch, dinner and drinks on Scenic 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, just a bit east of Gulf Place at Hwy 393. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for happy hour, daily specials and music and event information.

What is the scale Your Local Catch program?

The Local Catch Network is accepting applications for a producer-centered business accelerator, Scale Your Local Catch (SYLC), that focuses on building the knowledge, skills, and networks needed for direct seafood businesses to scale up their operations. Applications are accepted until November 5, 2021.

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