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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the local catch?

The Local Catch, Inc.™ was founded in 2010 by Captain Richard Cook and his wife Ann. The Cooks were inspired by the philosophy that selling Rhode Island seafood locally improves our community's relationship with the food we eat. At The Local Catch, our top priority is quality.

Where do we market Rhode Island Seafood?

We market Rhode Island seafood we catch on our own boat, as well as seafood caught by our fisherman friends around the region. The Local Catch is a local seafood processor that markets local seafood to local consumers.

How does the local catch CSF program work?

The Local Catch CSF program works as a debit system. A set amount of money is preloaded at the beginning of the contract, and the participant may spend that preloaded money at any pace they desire. Receive a 10% spending bonus.

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