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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the pink door in Pike Place?

The Pink Door is located on 1919 Post Alley between Stewart and Virginia streets. The restaurant has no sign, but look for the pink door on the west (water) side of the Post Alley promenade. For parking, the Pike Place Public Market Garage is a fine option.

Why stay at the pink door?

Whether nestled inside the dining room, relaxing in the lounge or outside on the view deck overlooking Elliot Bay, the mysterious alchemy of The Pink Door’s food, ambience and service create a habit-forming experience.

Where does the produce come from at the pink door?

Today, the produce is supplied largely by Butler Farms on Bainbridge Island, about 90% in peak growing season. Like food, wine is an indispensable part of the dining experience at The Pink Door, and the unpretentiousness of the restaurant carries through to the wine list. Each bottle is chosen by Jackie and her beloved Bar Manager, Chiara Pierotti.

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