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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pink door?

Along the quaint Post Alley at Seattle’s Pike Place Market awaits one of the city’s most beloved restaurant destinations since 1981: The Pink Door. Equal parts Italian-American dining, eclectic entertainment and warm, spirited service, we welcome you!

Is the pink door in Pike Place worth a visit?

Don’t let the tourist hellzone location that is Pike Place deter you - The Pink Door isn’t for them. It’s for you. This is the caesar salad you want to eat. The dressing is creamy but not heavy, there are huge shards of parm, and the fennel-dusted croutons are an excellent crunch.

Where is the pink door in Post Alley?

The Pink Door is located on 1919 Post Alley between Stewart and Virginia streets. The restaurant has no sign, but look for the pink door on the west (water) side of the Post Alley promenade.

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