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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Setai New York City?

The Setai provides a Zen-like oasis where everything is available and all things are possible, from five-star dining in your home to private film screenings, rooftop sunbathing and sumptuous spa services. This New York City condominium offers its residents the true meaning of full service.

What are the amenities of the Setai?

Other amenities of The Setai include a private club, spa, wine cellar, mini theater, conference center, restaurant and fitness center. Each residence is exquisite, with floor-to-ceiling windows and Brazilian walnut floors that give the unit an open and contemporary feel.

Why stay at the Setai Miami Beach?

Situated ocean-side in the heart of Miami’s most desirable location in South Beach, The Setai, Miami Beach is an award- winning, international leader in hospitality and the hotel of choice for the sophisticated international traveler. The Setai masterfully combines warm hospitality with personalized service to create an exceptional experience.

What makes the Setai the best new construction condos in Lower Manhattan?

The rooftop deck also helps The Setai to stand out as one of the finest new construction condos in Lower Manhattan. The apartments for sale are equally stunning; each includes top appliances, oversized windows, and Brazilian walnut floors.

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