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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cutest crop top for Sims 4?

15 Cutest Crop Tops CC For The Sims 4. 1 1. Arm-Mesh Off Shoulder Crop Top. Check Out This CC. 2 2. Long Sleeve Silk Blouse. 3 3. Priestess Top. 4 4. Sailor Neck Tie Crop Top. 5 5. Frill Crop Top Remake. More items

What do you wear in a frill crop top?

This charming frill crop top CC pack by creator Newen has dreamy styles & patterns, tailor-made for your Sim with the ultra-feminine style. This goes well with any bottom—long and short skirts, shorts, low-waisted or high-waisted pants—as well as any hairstyle! It’s going to give you that effortless cutie vibe, whatever your backdrop.

Is this off-shoulder crop top by simply simming trendy?

This off-shoulder crop top by Simply Simming is both a trendy and classy piece, especially when worn some nice high-waisted flare pants and heels. It could double as a smart casual outfit during the day, with a nice blazer and as an outfit to unwind i for a dinner at Villa Bovine after.

Are crop tops fashionable?

They’re sexy, breezy, and if you wear ‘em well with cardigans and accessories, they’re very fashionable. A cute crop top works with almost any look. Whether your aesthetic is comfy wear, a party outfit, dat summer vibe, or flaunting reveals, crop tops are something you want in your wardrobe.

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