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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sims Resource?

The Sims Resource is the world's largest online community for The Sims franchise, with new content daily, mainly for The Sims 4. Here you will find: 1M+ custom content such as Hair, Objects, Clothing, Rooms & more

Which is the cutest baby clothes in Sims 4?

Cutest Sims 4 Baby Clothes CC To Download. 1 1. Little Lamb 2.0 Outfit. Check Out This CC. 2 2. Baby Bear Outfits. 3 3. Skull Baby Onesie. 4 4. Default Baby Skins and Outfits. 5 5. Purple Hearts Overalls. More items

Why do babies have to be in one outfit Sims 4?

( Learn more ). Poor Sims 4 babies. Technically they’re objects – very needy ones, but objects nonetheless – and as such are forever tied down to their bassinet. If that’s not sad enough, they are also permanently in one outfit.

How many downloads does a crib have Sims 4?

It has 132000 download, and can be found at The Sims Resource! Dark, elegant and cosy, this crib by the QoAct Design Workshop is a great touch for a classic bedroom. It blends functionality with looks, including storage space, which has earned 115000 downloads. You can find this design at The Sims Resource! Another great pack!

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