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Frequently Asked Questions

Who got eliminated on the voice tonight?

More: Ahead of NBC's 'The Voice' elimination tonight, Iowan Cali Wilson gets candid America didn't believe so, and the Salem, Iowa native was eliminated, halting her journey on the show as one of the top 13. "Being mentored by you was a dream," Wilson said to Shelton.

Who got voted off 'the voice' tonight?

The contestant voted off “The Voice” was Gymani. Read on for a recap of what happened during the episode. First, Team Kelly’s Hailey Mia and Team Legend’s Joshua Vacanti were saved, followed soon after by Team Blake’s Paris Winningham and Team Ariana’s Holly Forbes.

Who went home on the voice tonight?

The artist who was saved after the vote was Jershika Maple, meaning Holly Forbes and Jeremy Rosado were sent home. After all the artists who were above the bottom three were announced to be safe, it was revealed that the bottom three were Jershika Maple for Team Legend, Holly Forbes for Team Ariana, and Team Kelly’s Jeremy Rosado.

Who won the Voice Last Night?

THE Voice fans were thrilled that Cam Anthony won the competition last night - with many saying America “got it right” for the first time. “Congrats Cam, Thank you America, the Voice Finale and winner is Cam Anthony finally got it right, as a matter of fact, the last 2 standing Cam & Kenzie we're the 2 that should have been,” one said.

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