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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an experienced person?

(ɪkˈspɪərɪəns) n. 1. direct personal participation or observation; actual knowledge or contact: experience of prison life. 2. a particular incident, feeling, etc, that a person has undergone: an experience to remember.

What is another word for "in my experience"?

Synonyms for My experience. Synonyms for. My experience. Hold to adjust. my expertise. in my experience. last i checked. as i understand. from my experience.

What is another word for experienced?

Another word for experience. experience Synonyms. n. The act of living through events. participation, involvement, undergoing, direct observation, encountering, contact, exposure, practice, strife, struggle, endurance, action, actuality, reality, activity, existence, continuance, school of hard knocks*; see also life 1, 2.

What is another word for personal experience?

synonyms - 93 Words and Phrases for Personal Experience. first-hand experience. n. subjective experience. n. individual experience. n. personal knowledge. n.

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