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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a synonym for the word assist?

Synonyms for Assist: n. v. •aid (verb) benefit, serve, facilitate, abet, sustain, aid, motivate, minister, attend, help, encourage, tend, relieve, fund, mother, support, endow, foster. Other synonyms: • ally, see through, accommodate, goaltending, nil, abetment, unbeaten, opener, guide, oblige, goal, carry, scoreless.

What is a synonym for assistance?

Synonyms for Assistance: n. • hand, succor, abetment. •aid (noun) attendant, help, sustenance, agency, motivation, ministration, encouragement, endowment, avail, support, aid, relief, Mothering, service, benefit. •assist (noun) facilitation. •assistance (noun) assist, help, aid. •friendship (noun) association.

What is another word for assistant?

Two synonyms for assistant are “helper” & “second”. The word assistant has nothing to do with your job. Even factory workers don’t use the title assistant. They are literally doing the same exact thing all day, and are not called assistants.

What is the synonym for help?

Synonyms for Help: n. v. •aid (verb) motivate, facilitate, endow, fund, tend, relieve, abet, attend, mother, assist, boost, minister, serve, benefit, encourage, support, sustain, foster, aid. Other synonyms: • promote.

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