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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did China invade Tibet?

The People's Republic of China's stated goal in invading Tibet in 1950, sometimes referred to as a re-annexation, was to liberate the Tibetans from a repressive system of feudalism and to improve economic development and education within the region.

Did China take over Tibet?

In 1949 under Mao Zedong, China launched an invasion of Tibet. On October 1950, the Chinese Army took over the country, starting at Chamdo. A year later the Dalai Lama through his representatives, signed a treaty with the Chinese.

What is the issue about Tibet?

The biggest challenge to the Tibetan community, both inside and outside Tibet is the alleviation of poverty, which faces three major problems. The economic issues have been intensified because of the natural environment, cold, dry and Himalayan climate with limited rainfall, which affects the quality of the grasslands.

Was Tibet ever its own country?

Tibet is an autonomous region of People's Republic of China which was established in 1965 to replace an administrative region known as Tibet Area which they inherited from Republic of China. It is the second biggest Chinese autonomous province which occupies an area of about 460,000 square miles right after Xinjiang.

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