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Frequently Asked Questions

Do cartoons have negative effect on toddlers?

While cartoons have many positive effects on children, they can also have negative effects on child behaviour and development. Here are the various negative effects that cartoons can have on children. 1. Encourages Violence. Watching cartoons which depict violence can encourage children to become violent in real life.

What are good cartoons for kids?

The first "Sing" film was successful because of the script and characters, but also because of the good music performed by the animated animals. The second installment follows the same line. The musical choice by director Garth Jennings is perfect ...

Are cartoons just for kids?

It just didn’t feel right for my kids,” she says. Last year the Sydney-based couple launched Augie Eyewear, a new company that makes stylish and affordable glasses specifically for children. They wanted to make good-looking eyewear easily accessible ...

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