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Frequently Asked Questions

What are tonsil stones and do I have them?

Tonsil stones, or tonsilloliths, are hard, sometimes painful bits of bacteria and debris that get stuck in nooks on your tonsils. Your tonsils are gland-like structures in the back of your throat. You have one on each side. Tonsils are made of tissue with lymphocytes, cells that prevent and fight infections.

What is the real cause behind tonsil stones?

Tonsil stones form when this debris hardens, or calcifies. This tends to happen most often in people who have long-term inflammation in their tonsils or repeated cases of tonsillitis. Many people have small tonsilloliths, but it’s rare to have a large tonsil stone. Small tonsil stones may not cause any symptoms that you’d notice.

What happens if you swallow tonsil stones?

In general, when you swallow a tonsil stone, you may still have a feeling that something is stuck in your throat. In most cases, this is just a feeling as the stone moved across the throat.

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