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Frequently Asked Questions

Is manhwa the same as manga?

Though each of these art forms is produced in a different country, the words Manga and Manhwa denote the same thing to domestic audiences in Japan and Korea. Like the word comic or graphic novel can be used in the states to denote stories told through panels filled with art and word bubbles, the words Manga and Manhwa do the same.

What is a good manga series to read?

15 Best Manga Of All Time (According To MyAnimeList) GTO. Rating: 8.90 This is an inspirational tale of a punk and delinquent turned teacher. ... Made In Abyss. Rating: 8.91 This is a manga series about a hole in the ground, and the premise is much more interesting than it sounds. Monogatari Series: First Season. ... 20th Century Boys. ... Solo Leveling. ... Slam Dunk. ... Grand Blue. ... Kingdom. ... Oyasumi Punpun. ... Vagabond. ... More items...

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