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What was the most important news story in 2009?

2009’s Top News Stories 1) The death of Michael Jackson 2) President Barack Obama taking office 3) The fallout of the economic downturn, namely, unemployment. 4) Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and North Korea 5) Susan Boyle’s amazing rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” 6) The green factor 7) The ongoing ...

What dominated the headlines in 2009?

In 2009, stories about politicians' infidelity and celebrity indiscretions seemed to dominate the headlines. What should we really be concerned about? What is churning now that we can respond to in order to change the course of history?

What happened in the month of March 2009?

March 16: President Obama has asked Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to pursue all "legal avenues" in order to block the bonuses to A.I.G. executives. March 6: Unemployment in the U.S., which has been steadily growing for several months, reaches 8.1% in February 2009.

What's new in 2009 in Maine?

Maine is the 31st state to block same-sex marriage through a public referendum. The U.S. Labor Department reports that January 2009 saw 598,000 jobs lost, the highest number since December 1974. Oct. 21: The Obama administration orders pay cuts for the top-paid employees at those firms that received the most stimulus money.

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