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Frequently Asked Questions

Did 2021 feel worse than 2020?

Some might even argue that 2021 felt worse than 2020, when we faced the start of a raging pandemic, a renewed fight for racial equality, a divisive election and the loss of Alex Trebek.

What did we learn from Bollywood in 2021?

In 2021, Bollywood showcased films that pleased its critics, as well entertained the masses. A girl named Shweta made 12 orders with Zomato in a single day this year, all for ice-creams. Eight out of every 10 people who were part of the sample size of the survey voiced their opinion in favour of compulsory vaccination as a precursor to a date.

What made 2021 the year of fusion?

From lounge meeting officewear to streetwear turning mainstream, style in 2021 was the epitome of fusion The momentum is due to the changing mindset of Gen Z and millennials. 2021 was the year of self-care.

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