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Frequently Asked Questions

Are stimulus checks still being issued?

The IRS said it is continuing to distribute federal stimulus checks to eligible Americans, with another 2.3 million payments issued on Wednesday. Some of those payments include "plus-up" adjustments for people who received less money than they were entitled to in earlier checks.

How much stimulus money has been delivered?

The IRS on Wednesday said it has now delivered more than 169 million payments worth $395 billion, with the last batch of checks amounting to a total of $4.2 billion. While the latest stimulus payments began hitting bank accounts in March, some people have had to wait weeks or months for their checks.

How many stimulus checks did the 6th batch send?

The sixth batch of stimulus checks also included about 600,000 payments to Social Security and Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries, including those with foreign addresses.

How do I claim my stimulus checks on my taxes?

The IRS provides more information on its website on how to claim your stimulus checks if you are not usually required to file a tax return. The IRS also offers tax preparation programs including Tax Counseling for the Elderly, as well as Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, or VITA.

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