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Frequently Asked Questions

Are stimulus checks still being sent out?

The IRS on Wednesday said it is continuing to distribute federal stimulus checks to eligible Americans, with another 2.2 million payments issued as recently as July 21. Some of those payments include "plus-up" adjustments for people who received less money than they were entitled to in earlier checks.

Do you qualify for the third stimulus check?

People don't need to have children to qualify for the third stimulus check, although the Non-filer tool will also allow people with eligible children to register for the expanded Child Tax Credit program — which began providing monthly payments on July 15.

How can I get a stimulus check without filing taxes?

People can still receive their stimulus payments by either filing a 2020 tax return or using the Non-filer tool on the IRS website, which is aimed at people whose incomes aren't high enough to require them to file a tax return, the agency said on Wednesday.

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