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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a travel bag?

Travel purses help secure your items when you're abroad—without sacrificing style. A popular choice among female travelers, the Baggallini Everywhere Lightweight Crossbody Bag is perfect to comfortably hold all your essentials. With thoughtfully designed pockets and sections, there’s plenty of space for you to keep everything organized.

How to carry money while traveling?

10 Smart Ways to Carry Money While Traveling 1 Divide Money. ... 2 Favor On-Body Storage. ... 3 Keep Small Bills Handy. ... 4 Carry an Anti-Theft Bag. ... 5 Trim Your Wallet. ... 6 Use a Dummy Wallet. ... 7 Buy a Travel Wallet. ... 8 Adapt to the Local Money Culture. ... 9 Use Money Alternatives. ... 10 Stow Valuables Securely. ... More items...

How to keep your valuables safe when traveling?

Keep your valuables safe when traveling. These travel money belts will help keep pickpocketers and thieves away. . The Verdict: The belt includes a theft insurance policy. Boxiki Travel Money Belt - RFID Blocking Money Belt | Safe Waist Bag, Secure Belt for Men and Women Fits Passport, Wallet, Phone and Personal Items.

What are the best travel money belts?

Here are the best travel money belts available. With high-quality construction, the Peak Gear Money Belt is made from 210-denier water-resistant nylon. The premium YKK zippers are also designed to last – making this the perfect companion for frequent travelers.

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