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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the travelmoneymax travel money comparison tool?

Our TravelMoneyMax travel money comparison tool compares rates at about 30 online bureaux and orders them by how much currency you'll actually get after all fees and charges.

Are there any fees for travel money orders?

However, your card issuer may apply a fee so you should check with them before you buy your travel money. Any fee applied by your card issuer will not appear on your travel money order, but will appear on your card statement.

Why is there a lack of travel money providers on travelmoneymax?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many providers have paused some or all travel money services. As a result, TravelMoneyMax has fewer providers than usual. We've loads of clever tricks to help you book flights... Never assume hotel or hostel prices are fixed...

How does MoneySavingExpert work with travel money?

When you use MoneySavingExpert's travel money listing tool, you can compare ordering and delivery options including all charges (fees and commissions). There is also a separate tool that will show you which travel money providers can offer you currency buyback. How much money do I need?

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