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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tricare explanation of Benefits (EOB)?

A TRICARE explanation of benefits (EOB) is not a bill. It's an itemized statement that shows what action TRICARE has taken on your claims. You may receive a monthly EOB statement detailing all the claims you had in the past month. You should keep your EOB statements with your health insurance records.

How do I get an explanation of benefits statement from Express Scripts?

Each time you get a prescription filled at a military pharmacy, a network pharmacy, or through home delivery, Express Scripts records your claim on an explanation of benefits (EOB). You can login or create an account with Express Scripts to view your statement online. You’ll get an email once a month telling you that you have an updated EOB.

How often do I get an updated EOB from Express Scripts?

You’ll get an email once a month telling you that you have an updated EOB. If you don’t have a valid email in your Express Scripts online profile, you’ll get a paper EOB in the mail. You can change your preference to request a paper EOB at any time. Paper EOBs are delivered quarterly (every three months).

Who does expressexpress scripts® pharmacy serve?

Express Scripts® Pharmacy serves over nine million active duty service members, military retirees and their families. Get your medications delivered when and where you need them. Have questions?

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