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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tricare for life need authorizations?

Tricare for Life users are only required to get prior authorization in case they have any mental health related problems and they have to be admitted to a hospital.

Does TRICARE Select need a referral?

Oh the Blessed Tricare Prime Referrals. You have to get a referral for everything, whereas with Tricare Standard, you don’t need one. A referral involves getting an appointment with your Primary Care Manager (PCM- fancy term for Doctor, Nurse, or PA) who then gives you a referral out to another care specialist.

How long are Tricare referrals good for?

In order for you to see your referral, you must set up an account online at ** You must set up an online account to see your referrals or call HealthNet @ 844-866-WEST to request a hard copy. Q: How long are referrals good for? A: Referrals are good for 6-months from the date they are issued.

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