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Frequently Asked Questions

What is secure messaging?

Secure messaging works as an online messaging service. Firstly, users enroll in a secure messaging platform. Then, the user logs into their account by typing in their username and password (or strong authentication) similar to a web-based email account.

Is healthcare secure messaging necessary for providers?

The need for healthcare providers to connect to each other safely and securely is greater than ever. Secure messaging is a core foundational capability required to enable interoperability and safe, seamless, secure, and confidential information sharing across all healthcare providers.

What is the secure message center?

The Secure Message Center is a communication service within our protected website that allows for safe, secure, and easy exchange of messages and correspondence about L&I injury claims or L&I workers' compensation accounts.

What is a secure messaging portal?

Secure messaging is like a secure email portal, but without the data getting copied across the internet every time a message is sent. Secure messaging uses regular email to send a simple notification to the recipient with a link to a website allowing them to access their secure message.

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