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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Tricare Prime?

What is TRICARE Prime. Benefits include coverage for routine doctor visits, specialty care, hospitalizations, urgent and emergent care, preventive health care services and prescriptions. Covered services that are provided by network PCPs, specialists, and health care facilities are covered at no or low cost.

Is Tricare Standard or prime?

TRICARE Standard is the health care option being offered by TRICARE that allows a beneficiary to choose his or her own provider. Therefore, unlike the TRICARE Prime plan, there is plenty of choice and individuals have the freedom of seeing any non-network provider that they wish to consult.

Does Tricare PRIME have a deductible?

TRICARE Prime is the best of the TRICARE health plans available. There is no annual deductible or enrollment fee for active duty personnel and their dependents. You choose a Primary Care Manager (PCM) and incur no costs if you use military health installations or civilian TRICARE authorized providers.

Does Tricare Prime need referral?

TRICARE Prime beneficiaries need to know about both referrals and authorizations. If you are using TRICARE Standard or Extra, you don't typically need a referral for routine or specialty care, but there are some instances when you do need to get prior authorization so you don't have to pay for services.

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