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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tricare Reserve Select good health insurance?

Tricare Reserve Select is heath insurance to active military and National Guard, a well as their families. This coverage is not free, so you will pay a monthly insurance premium, though it will typically be less expensive than it would be to purchase coverage through another employer or on the individual health market.

What does Tricare Reserve Select cover?

TRICARE Reserve Select Coverage Details. The TRICARE Reserve Select Program (TRS) is run like any other insurance program, you make monthly premium payments which authorizes you certain types of care at a discounted or free rate.

What are the benefits of Tricare Prime?

What is TRICARE Prime. Benefits include coverage for routine doctor visits, specialty care, hospitalizations, urgent and emergent care, preventive health care services and prescriptions. Covered services that are provided by network PCPs, specialists, and health care facilities are covered at no or low cost.

Do retired reservists get Tricare?

TRICARE Retired Reserve may be the right option for you and your family if you qualify. The plan provides comprehensive health care coverage upon your retirement and you do not have to wait until you reach age 60 and begin drawing retired pay to purchase the plan.

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