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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tricare cover DME equipment?

Durable Medical Equipment. TRICARE covers durable medical equipment (DME) when prescribed by a physician. DME is defined as an item that: Can withstand repeated use; Primarily and customarily serves a medical purpose; and. Generally is not useful to an individual in the absence of an injury or illness.

What part of Medicare covers DME?

Medicare and Medicaid Guidelines. Medicare. Medicare Part B covers Durable Medical Equipment (DME) that is medically necessary. Enrollment in Medicare Part B is voluntary, unlike Part A benefits. Medicare may cover 80% of the allowed amount, and the beneficiary is responsible for the remaining 20%.

What kind of DME does Medicare cover?

In general, the following types of medical supplies or DME would be eligible for Medicare coverage: Hospital beds, lifts, and commode chairs Infusion pumps and supplies Blood glucose monitors and test strips Canes, crutches, walkers, and certain types of wheelchairs Oxygen, nebulizers, and nebulizer supplies and medications Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines and supplies

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