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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TRICARE Select?

TRICARE Select is a self-managed, preferred provider organization (PPO) plan available in the United States.

How do I select my Tricare Prime and PCM?

Step 1. Use the Prime and PCM Selection Guide below to determine: If it is mandatory or optional to have your PCM at a military hospital or clinic, or If you are not in a TRICARE Prime Service Area (PSA) whether you can enroll by waiving your drive time standards. Note: Only military hospitals or clinics accepting new enrollees will be displayed.

Do I have to use a network provider with TRICARE Prime?

If enrolled TRICARE Prime Remote, you'll see a network provider if there are any in your remote location. If using TRICARE Select, TRICARE Reserve Select or TRICARE Retired Reserve, you'll pay less for care received from network providers but you're not required to use network providers.

Where can I find authorized providers for Tricare?

Here are resources for locating authorized providers: Military Hospitals and Clinics – As a TRICARE beneficiary, you have access to some of the best medical care in the country. You can get care at military hospitals and clinics on a space available basis.

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