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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tricare have a copay?

Telemedicine copayment waiver: TRICARE is waiving copayments and cost-shares for covered audio-only or audio/video telemedicine rendered by network providers on or after May 12, 2020. This waiver applies to covered in-network telehealth services, not just services related to COVID-19.

Is Tricare a good insurance?

Tricare Select is outstanding stand-alone coverage and I'm surprised that your employer's health insurance is a better offer. (It does happen, but it's definitely an exception.) If you are using your employer health insurance, Tricare Select can help with deductibles, co-pays, and cost-shares of your employer coverage.

What is TRICARE Select phone number?

The Customer Service Phone Number of Tricare is: 1-800- 444-5445/ 1-800-403-3950.

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