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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a trope?

1 a : a word or expression used in a figurative sense : figure of speech b : a common or overused theme or device : cliché the usual horror movie tropes 2 : a phrase or verse added as an embellishment or interpolation to the sung parts of the Mass in the Middle Ages

Where does the word tropes come from in the Bible?

The word tropes (genitive case) in the Old English translation of Bede's Ecclesiastical History is an isolated instance; the word was reborrowed from Latin or Greek in the 16th century.

What is the meaning of the prefix-trope?

-trope a combining form meaning “one turned toward” that specified by the initial element (heliotrope); also occurring in concrete nouns that correspond to abstract nouns ending in -tropy or -tropism: allotrope. See also related terms for metaphor.

What is the effect of tropes on US?

This is the effect on us of tropes, fables, oracles, and all poetic forms. An imaginative book renders us much more service at first, by stimulating us through its tropes, than afterward when we arrive at the precise sense of the author.

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