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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DS9 in Star Trek Online?

The new DS9 debuts two years later in Star Trek: The Fall: Revelation and Dust . In Star Trek Online, Deep Space 9 appears as a main hub for players to interact at by the Bajoran Sector. It is one of two social hubs in the game where the two opposite factions, the Klingons and the Federation, can interact without combat.

Does DS9 have a large cast of characters?

While all Trek shows have large casts, DS9 is the only one which qualifies for Loads and Loads of Characters.

What happened to DS9's original purpose?

Only days after the Federation took control of the station, a momentous discovery changed DS9's purpose forever. With encouragement from Kai Opaka, Sisko and his science officer, Lieutenant Jadzia Dax, searched for the mythical Celestial Temple of the Prophets, hoping to find a cause or idea to help unify the Bajoran people.

How many ships did DS9 have on hand?

( DS9: " The Way of the Warrior ") Deep Space 9 had a number of support vessels on hand. From 2369 to 2375, sixteen Danube -class runabouts and two Defiant -class starships had been assigned to Deep Space 9 at some point.

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